Did You Smell the Roses Today?

Dear Reader,

There are certain moments that make life come into vivid focus. The moment you know you’re in love with someone. The birth of your child. Your wedding day. Sitting on top of a mountain. Crossing something off your bucket list. The death of a loved one. A life consists of so many events, all bundled together in years, moments, seconds. To quote a cliche, life can change in an instant. And a lot of the time we seem to take that for granted. I have spent the majority of the weekend watching romantic comedies, and it has reminded me to take a step back and look around. (I know, I know, unrealistic romantic comedies are not the ideal life coaches, but still.)

We as human beings are great at forgetting. Forgetting tragedies. Forgetting where we put our keys. Forgetting anniversaries. Forgetting to stop and take a breath. You are alive. We have so much to remind ourselves of. Each one of us has a voice. A voice that can express feelings, passions, and love. Each word can be as powerful as a weapon. Because though we often forget, the words that someone says stick around a lot longer than think. So why, do we so often in this life, forget to look around and see the good in this world? There are many feel good stories that go “viral” or reach the nightly news. And it makes us feel good about the human race again.

But most of the time, when you turn on the television, a barrage of ugly noise is there to slap you in the face. (Can you say the world of politics nowadays?) But if the focus would turn to the positive, the kind acts being performed all around the world, would it be easier to see the roses in life? We trudge through our workday day in and day out, routine engrained in our commute. But I hope that today, and every day from now on, that you stop and look at the world through the gaze of an innocent child. That you see the kindness in people, and that you yourself, dear reader, reach out and perform an act that makes the world a lovelier place. We all have love to give. You don’t have to change the entire world. But a simple smile can be the difference in someone’s day. A kind comment can make a person’s week. And I think the world could use a little more positivity. It can all change in an instant. You dear reader, are an amazing person. You have been through so much to be standing where you are today. You have had the strength to fight each and every day to prove to the world that you are phenomenal. And you are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. So spread the love and joy while we are here to enjoy it. And don’t forget to smell the roses.



Author: Dear Reader

I'm recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and am working on my Master's. I enjoy reading, math jokes, and science. I'm terrible at cooking and at filling these things out.

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