To New Beginnings

Dear Reader,

It’s intimidating staring at a blank screen. There are so many words in the English language, and they all seem to disappear the moment you find yourself looking at an empty page that is supposed to be filled with words that are hopefully relatable to not just your own awkward self. This “blog” will hopefully struggle in that direction. (Why did we come up with the word blog to describe these things? Is it because it’s so close to bleah, or bog?) Anyway, this blog will probably morph into a few different categories. It is NOT meant to be a tutorial of any kind. I don’t even consider myself qualified to write a blog. But hopefully my love for books, science, math, humor, and the occasional words of wisdom can stumble together to provide something of worth, even to my own self.

I’m not expecting to be the next blogger that can quit their day job and focus on writing a blurb with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pencil and notepad in the other. Not that I would complain if that ever comes into fruition, but lets be real here. I would appreciate input from anyone who actually does happen to read my blog. I will also be shocked and amazed that anyone actually reads my blog, so feel free to leave a comment. I’d like to keep a positive vibe on the whole thing, even if I do end up pulling out my hair because one evening instead of working on homework, I searched for ANYTHING else I could do instead… So now I guess I have a blog. Procrastination at it’s finest, am I right?

Why should you read this blog? You shouldn’t. I am not qualified to speak a single word of wisdom about hardly anything. I am a struggling college student who is two semesters away from graduating with a bachelors degree. Hopefully. So dear reader, I’ll give this whole blog thing a try. It probably doesn’t hurt that I just re-watched Julie and Julia and that I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of motivational podcasts to inflate my self confidence to kick this thing off. So here goes nothing, and I hope you forgive me for wherever this adventure takes us.